Relax with us Control your busy mind and find peace through meditation - everyone's at it!

learning to meditate couldn't be simpler

Having a daily mediation is one way to calm the mind and feel focused. Do you want to feel connected to your higher purpose? Using a daily meditation practice helps you achieve your goals, understand and accept yourself. Giving you the tools to be strong and calm no matter what happens around you.
Many of us believe that meditation requires masses of free time, is religious, or takes years to work. This isn't the case and you can learn how to fit this into your daily life.
In the classes we build up to meditation slowly. Most of us have a busy mind and find it difficult to switch off and this is completely normal, we all have such busy lives and are trying to balance so many activities it can be difficult even to relax. Relaxation is the first thing we put into practice. Its not as easy to relax as you may think and most of us need to learn to do this first.

Get back in the flow through meditation in Chorley

Research has shown loads of health benefits including stress reduction, lower blood pressure, improved focus, happiness and many more. So why not give yourself a gift of time to relax.
We are each responsible for finding peace within us, no one will do this for you. In this age of constant demands take back your control and find your inner oasis through meditation and relaxation. No uncomfortable seated positions or long periods of silence where your mind wonders, just focused relaxation

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"I leave the class walking on air, I'm so chilled" -Mark, Chorley